Tire Milk

Tire Milk


Tire Milk is a sprayable, high shine dressing for use on interior and exterior plastic and vinyl surfaces.

  • ***WARNING***

    CAUTION: Causes serious eye damage. Avoid breathing spray. 

    FIRST AID IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses and continue rinsing. Immediately call a poison control center or a medical professional.

    FIRST AID IF ON SKIN: Wash with water and soap as a precaution. 

    FIRST AID IF INHALED:  Move to fresh air. Consult a medical professional. 


    Professional Use Only. Prior to applying product, thoroughly clean surface, pressure rinse and wipe dry. 

    Interior: 1:2 Mix 1 part product with 2 parts of water. Spray product on applicator pad then wipes on vinyl, plastic and rubber surfaces. Allow to dry or wipe clean with a clean cloth. 

    Tires/Trim 1:1 Spray product on applicator pad then wipe on the tire. Allow the product to thoroughly dry before moving the vehicle. 

    Engine 1:3 Mix 1 part product to 3 parts water. Spray entire engine evenly then wipe down with a soft clean cloth.