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Proper Bug Removal

When it comes to hitting the highway you can be sure that during the summer months you're also likely to hit unsuspecting bugs while cruising the interstate. Aside from a car bra or specialized protective film, there really is no way to prevent grinding them into your paint's finish. And because they have high levels of acidic juices, they pose a threat to ruining the surface coat and even the paint. So it's important to remove any dead and dried bugs from your car immediately to ensure the integrity of your ride's paint job.

What you'll need

  1. First, before you start scrubbing, you're going to want to apply the bug remover to the bug encrusted areas to ensure that they absorb all of the product. Be sure to wait a few minutes for the product to penetrate, but not long enough that product and bugs dry out again.

  2. Next, grab your bug sponge and scrub away bug residue. Always rinse the area clean to be sure that you've cleaned up all of the dead bugs. If not, apply more product and make a second pass.

  3. Now that you've scrubbed away all those little pesky buggers and rinsed them away it's time to wash your car. You're going to want to wash off the remaining bug residue and chemicals so that they do not sit on your car for an extended amount of time, You'll need a regular car wash soap, a bucket, and a wash mitt.

Note: Applying a wax or a clear coat sealant can help with removing future bug splats.

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