Non-Toxic Particle Masks, 50 per Box

Non-Toxic Particle Masks, 50 per Box

SKU: 10045

Protects against non-toxic dusts, powders, pollen and other airborne irritants. Disposable mask are lightweight, comfortable, easy to breathe through; custom-fitting with adjustable metal nosepiece.


Double-Strap Design

New Double-Strap design helps keep mask In place!


Clear Vision

Low profile design lets you see where you are going and what you are doing. Can easily be worn with safety glasses or goggles.


Contour Fit

Soft metal nosepiece adjusts closely over bridge of nose. Non-woven filter material conforms comfortably to facial features.


Maintenance Free

At the end of the day, throw it away! Nothing to clean.



Weighs only 1/7 of an ounce,less than half the weight of a handkerchief!


Easy Breathing and Speaking

Breathe and speak normally. Voice is easily heard and understandable at normal volume.