LTA 125 Triple-Action Single Tool

LTA 125 Triple-Action Single Tool


Triple-Action Random Orbital Polisher


Part of the all-new Triple Action family of BigFoot tools, the LTA 125 is a full-size pneumatic polisher that uses an innovative epicyclic gear-set to produce torque and consistency of movement never realized in a pneumatic tool previously. Ideal for a variety of industries including industrial, marine, aviation, automotive detailing, and AOEM.



The innovative epicyclic gear reduction system of the LTA 125 converts the typical high-speed RPM of the air motor into lower-speed, high-torque output. The result is a more homogeneous output which reduces the variable of operator input, ultimately increasing the probability for a consistent finishing result.



The speed control is conveniently located just above the actuator lever on the handle of the LTA 125. This allows for easy adjustment of the tools speed without interruption of the operation to maximize work efficiency.



In addition to being an air outlet, the device also acts as a silencer. Mounted near the air connection on the lower segment of the tool this double silencer is extremely effective at deadening the noise generated by the flow of compressed air. This is especially beneficial in shop environments where many pneumatic tools may run simultaneously or operators may use the tools for extended periods of time. 


  • Technical Data

    ø Backing Pad mm-in 125 – 5″
    ø Orbit mm-in 12 – 1/2″
    Working Pressure bar – PSIG 6.2 – 90
    Air Consumption Max l/min – CFM 400 – 14.1
    R.P.M.   0 – 6,000
    Weight kg-lbs 1.3 – 2.13
    Speed Regulation  
    Spindle Thread   M8-F
    Backing Pad Supplied   980.027N
  • Includes

    – 1 X LTA 125 Triple-Action Random orbital polisher

    – 1 X Backing pad Ø125mm – Ø5″ (cod. 980.027N)

    – polishing pads sold separately