LHR15 Mark III Deluxe Kit
  • LHR15 Mark III Deluxe Kit


    he number one choice for detailers around the world thanks to the perfect balance of power and maneuverability. The LHR15 Mark III refines the BigFoot random orbital platform to its ultimate form with a 15mm orbit, 5 inch backing plate, and numerous ergonomic and feature improvements. While the LHR21 is the tool that put RUPES on the map in the USA, the LHR15 has become the most popular choice for detailing professionals.



    The rubberized front grip of the MarkIII offers exceptional comfort for the operator while providing a non-slip surface for control. The improved rear handle also integrates rubberized surfaces for improved feel. Two strategically placed, non-marking, tool rests provide stability when the tool is not in use as well as additional protection against unintended impact. The continued refinement of the BigFoot random orbital platform in MarkIII reinforces its best in class reputation, making the best even better.



    The new electronic speed control dial allows for easy adjustment of the top speed of the polisher without requiring the operator to move his hands. The larger dial is easily adjusted with a move of the thumb. High visibility numbers and a more positive feedback from the movement of the dial make speed changes feel more deliberate, allowing operators to select the ideal speed for the task without any interruption to the polishing process. The module has also been tuned to deliver peak torque and speed in the optimal dial ranges.



    Adding an additional layer of control is the new progressive trigger. Acting as a throttle to control speeds within the dial range, the progressive trigger allows the operator to make subtle adjustments for precise control without interruption of the process or need to reposition the grip to access the speed dial. The linear delivery of power allows for very fine adjustment within each speed range giving technicians a whole new dimension of control.



    The Mark III comes standard with a 9 meter (29.6 ft) cord on both the LHR15 and LHR21 models. The longer cord provides users enough length to move more effortlessly around their workshop or studio without the need for additional extension cords or searching for a nearby outlet.

    • Technical Data

      ø Backing Pad mm-in 125 – 5″
      ø Orbit mm-in 15 – 19/32″
      Power Watt 500
      R.P.M.   3000 – 5200
      Weight kg-lbs 2.6 – 5.73
      Speed Control  
      Progressive Trigger  
      Spindle Thread   M8-F
      Backing Pad Supplied   980.027N
      Electrical Cord m – ft 9 – 29.6
    • Includes:

      – 1 X LHR 15 MarkIII Random orbital polisher

      – 1 X Backing pad Ø125mm – Ø5″ (cod. 980.027N)

      – 1 X BigFoot semi rigid tool bag (cod. 9.Z1043/BF)

      – 1 X ZEPHIR polishing compound 250ml COARSE (cod. 9.BFZEPHIR250)

      – 1 X QUARZ polishing compound 250ml MEDIUM (cod. 9.BFQUARZ250)

      – 1 X KERAMIK polishing compound 250ml FINE (cod. 9.BFKERAMIK250)

      – 1 X DIAMOND polishing compound 250ml ULTRA FINE (cod.9.BFDIAMOND250)

      – 1 X Foam polishing pad COARSE Ø130-150mm – Ø5”- 6”(cod. 9.BF150H)

      – 1 X Foam polishing pad MEDIUM Ø130-150mm – Ø5”- 6”(cod. 9.BF150J)

      – 1 X Foam polishing pad FINE Ø130-150mm – Ø5”- 6” (cod. 9.BF150M)

      – 1 X Foam polishing pad ULTRAFINE Ø130-150mm – Ø5”- 6” (cod. 9.BF150S)

      – 4 X Microfiber cloths (cod. 9.BF9010/4)



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