LHR 12E Duetto Deluxe Kit

LHR 12E Duetto Deluxe Kit


This simple and intuitive design of the LHR 12E Duetto allows any operator to tackle even the most challenging polishing operation. The LHR 12E is perfect for deep correction work using foam backed abrasive discs and can then be deployed as an efficient polisher to remove defects and restore a high gloss finish. The 12mm orbit allows the operator exceptional control in difficult applications such as edge and profile work.



With its non-slip rubber inserts in the front cover and compact body the LHR 12E is an excellent all-around polisher to do a combination of full panel and edgework in hard to reach areas. The hand positions being placed directly on the body of the tool reduces overall length and allows the operator to run the tool right up to edges with precision control. 



The BigFoot LHR12E Duetto Random Orbital Polisher was engineered to allow for smooth polishing and powerful sanding with just one tool. In fact, the word duetto translates to duet from Italian to English, and this BigFoot sings both parts equally well. The BigFoot LHR12E Duetto’s orbit size creates the perfect balance between polishing power, sanding ability, and precise control.



Many LHR 12E users find themselves using this dual-purpose tools in applications where two-handed operation isn’t always possible, either due to space constraints or as they reach for the spray bottle to continue their damp-sanding process. The Duetto uses a locking on/off switch instead of a trigger in order to easily activate the polisher and keep it running even in a single-handed operation. 



The attention to detail is not limited to the operational design of the LHR 12E Duetto. The body of the tool includes strategically placed rubber accents, including a tool rest incorporated into the back of the tool to protect the tool from tipping or rolling over when placed on a cart.

  • Technical Data

    ø Backing Pad mm-in 125 – 5″
    ø Orbit mm-in 12 – 1/2″
    Power Watt 400
    R.P.M.   4000 – 5500
    Weight kg-lbs 2.6 – 5.73
    Speed Control  
    Progressive Trigger   NO
    Spindle Thread   M8-F
    Backing Pad Supplied   981.027N
    Electrical Cord m – ft 9 – 29.6
  • Includes

    – 1 X LHR 12E Duetto Random orbital polisher

    – 1 X Backing pad Ø125mm – Ø5″ (cod. 980.027N)

    – 1 X BigFoot soft tool bag (cod.9.Z883/BF)

    – 1 X ZEPHIR polishing compound 250ml COARSE (cod. 9.BFZEPHIR250)

    – 1 X KERAMIK polishing compound 250ml FINE (cod. 9.BFKERAMIK250)

    – 2 X Foam polishing pads COARSE Ø130-150mm – Ø5”- 6” (cod. 9.BF150H)

    – 2 X Foam polishing pads FINE Ø130-150mm – Ø5”- 6”(cod. 9.BF150M)

    – 1 X Soft interface (cod. 980.041)

    – 3 X Abrasives X-Cut P 2000 (cod. 9.45401)

    – 3 X Abrasives X-Cut P 3000 (cod. 9.45403)

    – 4 X Microfiber cloths (9.BF9010)

    – 1 X BigFoot detailing apron (cod. 9.Z868)