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Why You Should Never Use Dish Soap to Wash Your Car

If you think about the reason dish soap was created, you’ll realize that it does an amazing job at removing grease, tomato sauce, cheese and just about anything else that sticks to our plates after we eat. With that realization, dish soap should be conversely thought of as the opposite when it comes to your car. Sure, your car will be so squeaky clean and lemon fresh that you could eat off of it, but why would you need to....? Dish soap was designed to be used just as the name implies, on dishes, not your car. We’ve compiled a list of exactly why using dish soap on your vehicle is a terrible Idea. It goes a lot deeper than you might think.

Dish Soap Removes Wax

Imagine spending good money to get a layer of protection applied to your car only to have it stripped away by a 99¢ bottle of dish detergent. Sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it? Sure, your car may look and smell clean but what you don't see is the door left wide open for Salt, Acid Rain, Sunlight, Heavy Metals, Road Grime and other nasty abrasive and corrosive elements to come on in and do their best at destroying your vehicle on a molecular level. Unless you’re into dulling and faded paint, steer clear of this common mistake.

Dish soap degrades UV Protection

Auto paint manufacturers create their product to specifically resist ultraviolet light. Daily exposure to the sun mixed with regular use of dish soap will weaken your paint’s ability to resist these harmful rays which will ultimately lead to the paint fading.

Dish soap causes oxidation

The moment your paint job starts dulling just know that oxidation is just right around the corner. The key ingredients in oxidation are water, oxygen and sunlight. Peeling and cracked paint allows the water to get underneath the paint. Sunlight will only enhance this process by heating up the moisture under the paint, causing more cracks, bubbles and peeling. Don’t give your car a nasty paint rash.

Dish Soap will dull your headlights

If you’ve used dish soap regularly to wash your car, then you may have noticed that your headlights have gotten cloudy. Dish soap residue builds up and will stick to your headlights causing them to become hazy and not properly allow light through when it’s most important. This can even be dangerous, because it will directly impede your vision during night time, rain and snow.

Now that we’ve spent enough time covering what you should not use to clean your car, Let’s talk about what you should use to properly clean your vehicle. Polishing Systems Inc has a wide variety of car soaps, shampoos, degreasers, window cleaners and other specialty products to help you keep your vehicle clean, protected and in good repair. Now that we’ve got you pointed in the right direction, it’s time to stop what you’re doing, put the bottle of dish soap down and slowly back away. Getting what you need is just a few clicks away.

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