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Proper Window Cleaning

Having clean and spot free windows on your car not only look sharp and appealing, they also increase your visibility which is extremely important while driving. When your windows are properly cleaned they’ll look almost invisible. Your windshield wipers will also thank you for the reduced workload because there will be less resistance and they will actually sling water way better in the rain providing you with a better view while driving.

There are a few things to consider when picking out what you use to clean your cars windows. The type of towel you use and the type of glass cleaner. Household glass cleaners are a poor choice for automotive windows because the often contain Ammonia or other harsh cleaning chemicals. The ammonia can break down the adhesive on your tint and damage the layers that protect your glass. We of course recommend using Polishing System’s ammonia-free Clearly Pink Concentrated Glass Cleaner.

Your choice of what type of towel/rag to use also impacts the quality of your window clarity. Paper towels, shop towels and newspaper all leave behind a lint like substance and oftentimes contain abrasive material. We recommend using a good microfiber cloth to do the job. You’ll want to have 2 or 3 on hand. One for the outside, one for the inside and a third for your final wipe. Using a dirty rag pretty much renders your hard work useless.

Aside from cleaning your windows for optimal visibility and appeal, properly sealing your windows surface is also an important step when trying to achieve maximum visibility in the rain. Using a quality window sealant to help repel water and fill those microscopic pores found in glass is an important step. Polishing System’s Bead Off Glass Treatment,a perfect example

Make sure that you are parked in a cool shaded area. Direct sunlight will make your glass cleaner evaporate faster than you can use it and result in streaks. Repeat these steps on both sides of your glass.

1) Roll down your windows so that you can wipe the top portion that is normally hidden away in the top of your door’s frame.

2) Wipe down the window seals with a good all purpose cleaner to remove all of the residue that builds up over time. This will prevent anything from transferring to your windows causing streaks.

3) With your first microfiber towel, fold it a few times then spray some of your glass cleaner directly on the glass

4) Wipe down thoroughly in a circular motion making certain to hit each area of the glass with multiple passes.

5) With your second clean towel, buff out the glass until no streaks are visible

6) Roll your window all the way back up to clean the bottom edge of the glass

7) Apply Window Sealant to a clean rag or microfiber cloth and slowly buff it into the glass. When all the streaks are gone, you’re window’s surface will be properly sealed.

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