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Proper Car Exterior Trim Restoration

Let's face it. If you have a car that's more than a few years old, then you've probably noticed that some vinyl and rubber parts of your car look dull and grey. That's what you can come to expect after years of exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays. Now that we've covered the bad news, let's move on to some good news about this frequently talked about auto detailing topic.

The good news is that you can restore that vibrant black appearance of your car's vinyl and rubber exterior surfaces with a trim restoration product. Not only will this type of product restore that luster that you've been missing so much, it will also help to protect it from further damage in the future.

Luckily, we have an awesome product that will help restore your car's vinyl and rubber surfaces in no time. Polishing System's Black Fusion is the perfect solution to your faded trim woes. Now that we've found the fix, let's jump right in to the steps you'll need to take.

Things you'll need:

  1. Trim Restoration formula like Black Fusion

  2. Foam applicator

  3. A clean and dry surface ( Yes this means wash & dry your vehicle thoroughly)


Make sure that your car's surface is clean, dry and free of debris. For more information on how to properly wash and dry your car's exterior, be sure to check out our article titled: "Proper Car Washing" for some helpful information.


Apply product directly onto your foam applicator. Don't worry if you over apply product, you can always use a rag or cloth to wipe off the excess.


Wipe the affected areas with your applicator. You're going to want uniform coverage on all of your trim and plastic to ensure maximum coverage. You should start to see results immediately. If you notice spots that are over saturated or under saturated, you can make a few more passes with your applicator to even out the finish. You may apply more product up to 2-3 more times if desired. This will help darken the trim to it's original shiny black appearance and add more protection.

Trim Restorers often last for up to several months, so it's recommended that you reapply once a season thorough the year.

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